HME Filters / NIV masks

Breathing filters/HMEs

  • Breathing filters, HMEs and combined filters/HMEs by Drager Medical minimize the infection risk and condition the inspired air.
  • Drager Medical devices and Drager Medical accessories form a validated complete medical system.

Filter/HME TwinStar

  • Significantly contributes to infection prophylaxis ventilation treatment
  • Efficiently heats and humidifies the inspired air.
  • Reduces condensation in breathing circuit.

Filter SafeStar

  • Excellent retention rates for bacteria and viruses.
  • Significantly contributes to infection prophylaxis in anesthesia and ventilation treatment.

Breathing Circuits

With respect to this it is today forbidden to use DEHP as a plasticizer for example for the production of toys for young children (e.g. teething rings) as it has Harming effects on testicles, kidney and liver upon chronic exposure even at low amounts of PVC. For the production of disposable breathing circuits Draeger uses high graded PP,EVA material unlike local competitors with PVC material.

Soda Lime

Drager is the only manufacturer of anesthesia workstations that also develops and produces soda lime for medical applications.Optimal functionality has been ensured by extensive compatibility testing with all Drager anesthesia machines. With original Drager accessories, the precision, life span and economic efficiency of the anesthesia workstation is increased

  • Longer Lifetime compared to conventional soda lime in markets.
  • High CO2 absorption capacity of 209l/kg due to uniformutilization, hemispherical pellet form prevents channel formation.
  • Little dust generation creates a safer environment for yourpersonnel and protects your equipment.

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