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Direct Radiography


AirDR – Csi iDR L (Long Length Imaging)

The Air DR is a flat panel detector, cassette size DR panel with fail-safe features with a thin and sturdy carbon fibre frame it can be integrated into new or existing X-ray setup. VM provides a tilting arm motorized mechanism pillar to accommodate DR flat panels. You can position the panel erect or supine position via remote to capture the exposure. The noise less pillar mechanism provides safety to your panels and easy positioning.

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iDR L (Long Length Imaging)

One solution to address all you Long Bone Imaging needs. iDR – L a seemless, high resolution detector that offers full spine, regional and zone scanning capabilities. This Direct capture solution revolutionizes how full spine imaging is achieved. Long Length Imaging is very important for knee correction, scoliosis treatment plan.

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About Us

VM is a dynamic and focussed organization. Since 2004, the journey of VM signifies interesting ups and downs of a medium sized medical equipment company in our country, but it also shows inspirational growth, stability and responsibility.

VM is a successful dealer and distributorship company. We market our world class quality products to hospitals, diagnostic centres, nursing homes, clinics and medical research Institutions.

Vision & Mission

Vision :

A Wealthy Organization to create Healthy and Confident people.

Mission :

We are committed to provide superior quality products and its bundle of solutions and benefits for our customers.

We are committed to become the most preferable product and solution provider in the health care industry.

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Please visit us at Medicall, India’s Largest Hospital Equipment Expo, Chennai Trade center, Nandampakkam, Stall No. 2E14, On 26th, 27th & 28th of July 2019