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Color Temperature of LEDs falls between 4000 - 5000K. Natural White Light Emitted by LEDs, using color combination gives comfort during Long procedures, rather than Halogen (warm white-yellowish) and CFL (Cool white - Glaring) lights.

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VACTECH India is a 20 years old company in Nashik, Maharastra, known for its quality and large number of installations of vaccum suction units, various types of OT tables and LED OT Lights.

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Monitor pendants

We designed and made it simple. For any color image / video viewing we made this pendant to hold your monitors in any angle and it any position. Our angular fixation jig will help you to keep the monitor in any angle of your sight and reduces your neck stress.

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Refurbished CR Systems

We were the only company in 2007 to provide refurbished CR systems in India. We are the first company exported and installed such unit in Maldives which was the first CR in that island. Though the pricing of CR systems has come down heavily in a time of decade, still it is expensive for a customer in remote place or having very few exposures in a day.

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Refurbished Laser Film Printers

VM provides refurbished CR systems and Film Printers of KODAK, FUJI, AGFA and KONICA, replaced with new IP screens and carefully calibrated to give optimum image quality. We always sell equipments with warranty and support to customers.

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Mammography- XTROMAM 2000

Mammography system is a specialized medical imaging modality to get x-ray images of the breast. This examination, aids in the early detection and diagnosis of breast diseases like breast cancer, lump or any other abnormalities in women.

We provide XTROMAM- 2000 Mammography system from XTronics India. Xtronics India, is a 25 years old imaging company. 25years of focussed good work in Mammography and Dental Imaging field made Xtronics a rich company of knowledge in Imaging.

XTROMAM 2000 is a AERB approved, High Frequency Mammography system, with analog or CR cassette bucky.


AERB Approved.
ISO - Centric Position facility.
5 Position solid state sensor for AEC, selects KV and exposure timings automatically.
Manual de-compression in case of power failure.
3.5 kw HF system.
Noiseless Electronic Pillar for UP/DOWN movement.
High Quality VARIAN X-Ray tube.
18x24 and 24x30 size bucky - selectable.
Delivered Exposure details in display for all exposures.
CR HR cassette / MINOR Compatible.

Breast Examination Light

Breast Self Examination is a "MUST" procedure for women. BEL is an awareness home tool used to check breast health and it has to be done along with your routine self examination. Any visual, feeling and observation of abnormalities are to be immediately followed by diagnosis and consultation of your Doctor. BEL is not a diagnostic tool; it is observatory and awareness tool.


Breastlight??is an innovative way for women to understand their own breast health in the comfort of their own home.
Breastlight gives women a clear view inside their breast tissue to view any abnormalities developing over time.
Breastlight is designed and manufactured in the UK to the highest standards.

Vaginal Hysterectomy Light

LED illumination is needed from sideway during the Vaginal Hysterectomy surgical procedure. Ceiling and mobile LED Light cannot reach the region of surgery. Our VH Light, a small innovative LED Light system with adjustable trolley and snake flexible arm helps the doctor in such procedures. (The Concept is suggested by Dr.B.Karthikeyan,DLO, Mahalaxmi Hospital, Ulundurpet)

Gynaecology Table

Gynecology table is a versatile mechanically / Electric operating table, mainly used for examination and treatment of all diseases specific to women and girls.

Labour Table

Labour Table is used mainly for delivery. It consist leg split arrangement with baby tray of SS304 quality.

About Us

VM is a dynamic and focussed organization. Since 2004, the journey of VM signifies interesting ups and downs of a medium sized medical equipment company in our country, but it also shows inspirational growth, stability and responsibility.

VM is a successful dealer and distributorship company. We market our world class quality products to hospitals, diagnostic centres, nursing homes, clinics and medical research Institutions.

Vision & Mission

Vision :

A Wealthy Organization to create Healthy and Confident people.

Mission :

We are committed to provide superior quality products and its bundle of solutions and benefits for our customers.

We are committed to become the most preferable product and solution provider in the health care industry.

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Please visit us at Medicall, Indiaĺs Largest Hospital Equipment Expo, Chennai Trade center, Nandampakkam, Stall No. 2E14, On 26th, 27th & 28th of July 2019