Polaris 100/200


LED technology in the OR

Dräger has now combined the advantages of this innovative light source with a new, extremely compact, lightweight yet robust design that includes individual lens reflectors for enhanced output and shadow control. Even the little heat produced by the LEDs is regulated and dissipated by an integrated Thermal Management System. With an average operational lifetime of 50,000 hours, this LED technology is as reliable as affordable.

The Polaris 100

It features 48 LEDs with an output range of 40,000 to 120,000 lux. A special mode provides ambient light from a single LED to support minimal invasive procedures. The sleek yet very sturdy light head weights just 13 kg and makes positioning extremely easy and comfortable. With a color temperature of 5,600 K, which corresponds to natural sunlight at noon, this OR light achieves a color rendering index of Ra 95 and a color rendition index of R9 93, which ensure rich contrast and natural color image without compromising the red tones.

The Polaris 200

The Polaris 200 gives you additional 18 LEDs for a total of 66. This translates to a maximum output of 160,000 lux. The light intensity can be easily dimmed down to 40,000 lux. Each LED is equipped with its own lens reflector system.

Compact design, simple operation

The classic round design includes integrated handles for non sterile personnel and touch panel controls for easy handling and operation. Sterile personnel can position the Polaris 100/200 easily with the central sterile handle. Each of the four clearly marked control buttons performs a single function, and an optional, wall mounted control panel is also available. The smooth, seamless casing makes cleaning quick and simple, while its lightweight construction ensures practically effortless positioning.

Height adjustment for ideal working conditions

Height adjustment supported by pneumatic springs allows for effortless adaptation to transport and operating conditions. In the fully extended position a working height of 2,175 mm is reached under the light head – ideal also for tall surgeons. The transport height of the Polaris 100/200 Mobile, however, is only 1,850 mm.

Powerful battery backup

In the event of a mains power failure, the integrated battery provides uninterrupted power to the light with at least three hours guaranteed supply. As soon as the battery falls below a charging state of 25 % – this equals a remaining operating time of approx. 45 minutes – you will be warned by an integrated, acoustic reminder message. LED status indicators on the trolley also show the status of the power supply and state of charge of the battery.

Natural colours

With a colour-rendering index Ra of 95 and a colour-rendering index R9 93, the Polaris system offers you a contrast-rich and natural illumination without compromising red tones. The Polaris 100/200 lighting system can be equipped with warm white, neutral white or cold white (4,400 K, 5,000 K or 5,600 K) LED lights.

Polaris 100/200 Mobile

The mobile Polaris light can be used as an additional single light in the OR – for example, for cardiovascular interventions where the patient has to undergo several procedures at the same time. Of course the high-quality mobile light can also be used in the ER or in treatment rooms. The mobile Polaris 100/200 is especially useful when it is not possible to install a fixed, ceiling-mounted light due to unsuitable infrastructure. The trolley features a fully closed cover, which ensures the light is easy to clean. The rear double castors are equipped with locking brakes.

Polaris 600

Sterile handle for greater independence and flexibility

The new handle with Sterile Touch Control (STC) enables you to be independent from non-sterile personnel, allowing you to easily control your OR light on your own. You can intuitively adjust the light field size or light intensity by doubletapping or sliding gesture respectively, of course while wearing surgical gloves.

Exceptional light quality that’s easy to adjust

The adjustable colour temperature literally puts every procedure in the right light.You can switch between four modes: from warm white to cold white (3800, 4400, 5000 and 5600 Kelvin), in order to help you focus, reduce fatigue or reduce glare during longer procedures. The light field can also be adjusted incrementally: The adjustable diameter quickly provides the right focus and optimal illumination for all types of surgery.

Optional HD Camera with wireless video transfer

Upgrading with a high quality HD camera is possible at any time. The sterile handle no longer has to be replaced, because the camera is located directly in the light head under the transparent cover. The camera automatically adjusts to the current light conditions. Moreover, the 120x zoom delivers razor-sharp images. In addition, an encrypted video signal is transmitted wireless and continuously received in the OR. Operation of the video is performed via remote control and/or wall panel and allows your team to work undisturbed while spectators watch live.The MedView camera does not require any on-site wiring, making upgrading an effortless task, easily performed by trained technicians.

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